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Gyre Media started in 2016 when two friends came together to create videos on their interests. It evolved into a YouTube and Twitch community where others with similar interests could come and speak their mind. For more information on the starting of Gyre Media, please see the early blog posts!


How old are you guys?

We are both 24 years old.

How did you guys meet?

We met back in our Sophomore year college. We were then roomates for our Junior and Senior years.

Where did you guys come up with your names?

IAmMiasma came from my favorite anime of all time Inuyasha. I have also been a fan of poison attacks in Pokemon and other various games.

Dethplaque came from a translation of gravestone from another language to English. Directly translated, gravestone means "Plaque of Death". I thought this would make a cool name and decided to use the name Dethplaque!

What are your favorite games?

Miasma: My favorite games are Overwatch, Halo 3, and NCAA Football.
Deth: My favorite games in order are Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, Guild Wars 1 (Nightfall is my Favorite Expansion) and lastly Path of Exile!

Weekly Twitch Streams

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